We are the Brotherhood of Master Plumbers

We have created an organization based around strictly master plumbers to allow them to grow themselves as well as aid others to grow as they have.

Our Purpose

Our services and connections will help grow your business and relationships.

The Benefits

Expand your network, find capable employees, and communicate with ease.
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Through our system, we give you the power to recommend other plumbers in other areas that are outside of your service zone.
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Cooperative Work

Is one job too much to handle? Need advice? Make sure there’s always someone who has your back on and off the job.
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Do you need to know information on a possible worker or client? You’ll always have a line of communication.

What we hope to accomplish

Our Mission

Our mission is to give other Master Plumbers the tools that they need to enable themselves to expand their business, experience and professional relationships. We know that as a Master Plumber you are relied upon for guidance, expertise and to run your business’ inner workings from the ground up. We are your support network. We communicate with each other to spread information, experience and news among other industry professionals.

Along with this, we also want to allow our members to feel that they have communication channels throughout the industry for advice with prospective clients and employees that they may be taking on. Some situations require extensive thought and talking to other industry professionals who have experienced the same thing can impose advice to help you with your situation.

We ensure that all information that you give

is always kept within our organization and will never be sold to any outside source ever.
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Established in 1925

Our History

We work for you

We are proud of our time that we have been as an organization and look forward to the future.


Plumbing Organizations

The Brotherhood was chartered back in 1924 with the purpose of improving the standard of the plumbing in Philadelphia. Our city’s rich history of providing clean water to its residents demanded that its plumbers also maintain a high level of professionalism and commitment to a clean water supply.

From our very beginning, The Brotherhood provides to its members professional cutting-edge training to help keep our members in the forefront of the plumbing industry. Our members were and continue to work with the city to improve the safety of plumbing industry by working on improving and updating the municipal plumbing codes.

Our membership is multi-generational. The collaboration between the generations helps our members maintain the skills and the history of our industry. Many of our current members are the family members of past members. These family businesses see the value of professional collaboration. And for almost 100 years, the Brotherhood of Master Plumbers have helped to maintain that tradition.